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Choose The Options For Perfect Walk In Shower Enclosures

Having an open design in your bathroom is possible with the right kinds of elements. Does your shower feel open? Do you want a more open feel in your bathroom? You can get everything you want with the right walk in shower enclosures. These will provide you with the look and the feel you will need by choosing the right options.

We can help take care of your new bathroom shower glass. Great pricing option to select from.

Angled Shower

Smaller bathrooms require a little extra planning to have these kinds of showers. You can use a shower with neo angle shower doors to provide extra space in the bathroom while still providing a shower worth showcasing. By putting these kinds of showers in the bathroom and having the door on the opposite end of the shower from the far corner

The door is at a 45 degree angle from the walls of the bathroom so that you will be able to have extra room to get in and out of the shower. The angle of the door will also provide extra room in the bathroom whenever the door is closed.

Frameless Design

Those looking for a feeling of showering outdoors can use a frameless shower door installation. This will allow you to forget that the shower enclosure is there at all. You can include things like sea shells and other floral designs on the glass so that you will be able to enjoy the feeling of being outside. Without anything on the shower, it might allow you to feel as if you are showering in the middle of your bathroom. This feeling can only be made better by using a skylight to include natural light in the bathroom.

Semi-Frameless Design

If you have slight less to pay, you can get a semi-frameless design. These include about a half inch of frame around the shower walls and door. The frame adds stability while also lowering the total cost of the enclosure. These are favored by those looking to create tight seals to keep water in. The use of magnets allows the door to stay closed while the use of durable sweeps maintains a watertight seal against the floor.

Door Free Design

Another popular design includes the models which do not have a door. These normally include a ledge on the outside of a wall leading into the shower. The ledge and the wall can be made of stone or tile or even acrylic and glass. These are popular because you will not have anything stopping you from being able to walk in and out of the shower. They also allow you a lot of room in the shower so that you will not feel confined.

It is important to make sure that you have a large bathroom if you want to install these kinds of showers. Make sure that you are also using a tile which is slightly porous so that it will absorb a lot of the water. This will help to make sure that you will not slip on the floor while you are walking on it. You can make the rest of the bathroom out of the same material so that you will be safe as you are walking out of the shower and while you are shaving.

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