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Why You Must Consider A Semi Frameless Shower Door

The modern bathroom does not include such contemporary options as a framed shower. Does your bathroom look ordinary? Do you want something extraordinary? You can get it whenever you install a semi frameless shower door in your home. The results in your bathroom can be stunning when you plan out the results.

The idea is to make sure that you are creating a modern design which will toss out the confines that a frame provides. The open look and feel of this kind of a shower will allow you to be able to see out while you are taking your shower. This gives your bathroom an open air feel that you will enjoy every time you take a shower.

Round Showers

Some of the most popular showers in modern homes are round. These include seamless glass shower doors which allow you be able to feel as if you are showering in a tube rather than in a shower stall. Many models do not even include a handle on the door so that it will not ruin the effect that the shower has. These doors can only be seen as being connected to the rest of the shower two metal hinges near the top and the bottom of the shower. Many people like to highlight these showers by putting them in the center of the bathroom with chrome fixtures and a stone tile floor.

Behind the Bath Shower

A typical model for this kind of a shower door is installed right behind the bathtub. The framed section of the shower is against the walls and in the middle where the door is. The difference between this and frameless shower door hinges is that these are built into the half inch frame portion of the shower. It allows for greater stability so that the shower door can cost less. It also provides the possibility for more kinds of options other than acrylic.

The standard for a shower which is behind the bath is to have a walk in shower with the flooring being the same as the flooring for the rest of the bathroom. The door has a durable sweep which protects from water seeping out of the shower. The rest of the shower is secure against the wall and floor to prevent any of the water from getting out of the shower.

Handles on the Door

Handles on these kinds of doors are far more common than the frameless doors. Still, the handles are very minimalistic. They are normally in the same style of metal as the fixtures. There are also models which will include nothing more than a notch in the glass or a rise in the frame which serves as a handle.

Handles which are installed in the center of the door can double as a towel rack. The common design is to include a handle on either side of the door so that it appears to be a continuous piece of metal which is separated by the glass.

Magnets are also commonly used as a sealing mechanism in a semi frameless shower door. This allows there to be less in the way of the frame which is on the door. The magnets can be highly powerful inside of a very small amount of space. This allows for making sure that the door will not have a chance to open while a shower is being taken. Some will even include a metal plat on the door which coincides with a magnetic plate on the frame. The seal is not as tight, but it provides more of a frameless look to the door.

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