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Why Replacing Your Shower Door Sweep Will Stop Leaks

Water damage is something any homeowner should be concerned with. Is your bathroom floor wet after every shower? Are you worried about the damage this is causing? You can get the help you need to fix the leak by replacing the shower door sweep. This is an easy process which most anyone can accomplish.

Keep in mind that simply replacing this is not a guarantee that you can fix the leak. While a problem in the sweep is a common occurrence, there can be other problems. Be prepared to work on other problems if this replacement does not solve your leak. Here, you will find the instructions to get to started.

Removing the Old Sweep

As long as you do not have a frameless shower enclosure, you will locate the sweep at the bottom of the door. This will look like a rubber blade just like the one which is used on your car windshield wiper. The sweep is attached to the door by a tray at the bottom or directly on the bottom of the door.

Open the door so that you will be able to see the sweep. If the door goes directly to the floor, you might have to remove the door in order to get at the sweep. Once located, you will only need to look for screws which attach it to the door. If there are no screws, you will only need to pull the sweep towards the front side of the door.

Buying the New Sweep

The next step is that you will need to purchase the sweep which will replace the original. Because not every sweep even for a glass pivot shower door is the same, you will need to bring along the old one to the home improvement store. Purchase the model which exactly matches the one that you have in terms of design. It should be a bit longer so that you will be able to trim it.

The most important elements of the design are the length of the sweep as well as how it attaches to the door. After all, you will not be able to attach a sweep which is supposed to be screwed in to a door which only accepts those which slide into the track.

Attaching the New Sweep

Use the old sweep to trim the length of the new one. This will assure that it will fit perfectly when you slide it onto the track. Run petroleum jelly on the sweep so that you will not have to worry about it sticking as you slide it into place. You will either use an adhesive or screws to hold the new sweep in place.

After allowing the new sweep to dry, you should run some water at full power. Close the door and watch for leaks. If you still have a leak, you likely have another problem. This is when you might want to look for damages to the seals or a problem with the caulking. If either of these looks dry or worn out, you might have to simply remove and replace it as well. Remember that when replacing this, you will need to allow a 24 hour drying period before you try to run any water.

Buying a New Door

If all else fails, you can always buy a new shower enclosure. Those installing it will be able to provide you with a new sweep with a tight seal. This will help in making sure that you will no longer have a leak and your shower door sweep will be good enough to last for years to come.

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